Onsite Engineering

Industrial Installations, Sitework & Shut-downs

Industrial installation, sitework and shut-downs can be carried out over extensive periods of time and effective communication is paramount throughout the project.

We believe the planning stages of sitework and plant shut-downs are crucial to the success of a project.

HSF Australia has extensive experience in shut-down and sitework and can manage the entire process as well as provide an experienced labour force.

HSF Australia have worked successfully in the field; from the harsh conditions of the Australian outback through to the challenging cultural conditions of Papua New Guinea and Mexico.

HSF’s experienced team includes boilermakers, coded welders, riggers, dogmen, crane operators and trades assistants.

Some examples of projects worked on by staff of HSF Australia include:

  • Project – The supervision of, and participation in, building a 6M litre acid storage tank.Location – BHP Billiton’s Roxby Downs site.
    Overview – The Managing Director of HSF Australia, Anthony Davies, was part of the project management team that completed the construction of this tank on a highly sensitive and environmentally hostile site.
    Project Duration – 9 months
  • Project – Supervising and commissioning mechanical and pipe work at Lihir Gold.
    Location – Papua New Guinea
    Overview – Apart from all of the usual difficulties of working on open face mining sites, there was the added complication of cultural differences in the workforce
    Project Duration – 5 months
  •  Project – The design, construction and installation of two 31,000L hot oil blending tanks and associated process systems.
    Location – Narangba for Oil Tech.
    Overview – The biggest challenge was that both tanks had to be constructed in situ inside a large commercially active shed.
    Project Duration – 3 months
  •  Project – The installation of emergency generators in a secure data centre.
    Location – Fujitsu data-centre.
    Overview – The installation had to be carried out with NO disruption to data centre operations.
    Project Duration – 1 week
  • Project – The installation of emergency generators.
    Location – On top of a 10 storey, Queensland Health, building.
    Overview – This was a very restricted site and required a 10 storey crane lift in a busy central business district.
    Project Duration – 2 weeks
  •  Project – Installation and pre-commissioning of Plascon Arc Destruction Plants.
    Location – USA (4 weeks) and Mexico (8 weeks).
    Overview – This required working and installation of equipment in an active refrigerant refinery.
    Project Duration – 12 weeks
  • Project – A landing barge ramp
    Location – Lockhardt River
    Overview – Involved working over water
    Project Duration – 6 weeks
  •  Project – An ash handling tank and piping
    Location – Toowong power station
    Project Duration – 2 months
  •  Project – Installation of food grade piping for dairies, breweries, wineries and mixers
  •  Project – Entry artwork for the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane – 1 month
  •  Project – The manufacture of over 38 stainless steel food carts for the ‘Gabba stadium, Brisbane – 3 months.

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